Open Cell Foam Insulation

Low-Density Open-Cell Foam Insulation for High-R-Value at an affordable price. Perfect for whole building thermal envelope where vapor barrier is not required.

About Open Cell Foam Insulation

Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation (ocSPF) is another type of Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation. As the name suggests, the physical structure of the foam plastic is comprised of “open cells”, or cell structures that are open, not solid like with Closed Cell Spray Foam. OcSPF is a two-component system that is sprayed using high-quality equipment to produce a liquid that expands up to 100x its original size in just a few seconds. During the expansion process, the spray foam insulation fills all gaps and voids in the framing, and creates an air-seal. This product, when sprayed at the minimum thickness specified by the manufacturer (typically 3-3.5″ thickness) qualifies as an air-impermeable insulation per the building code.

Because ocSPF is an air-barrier, the product qualifies to comply with the building code as a high-performance product. Therefore, prescriptive R-values do not need to be met and Energy Modeling can be performed to show compliance at lower R-Values without compromising on building performance. As an low-density product, typically 0.5lb per cubic foot, Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation provides excellent R-Value per inch for the cost of install, typically R-3.7/inch. The high R-Value per inch makes this product an excellent choice for your project!

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Example Uses of Open Cell Foam Insulation

Open Cell Foam Insulation has been used in Commercial, Industrial, Public Works, Residential, Tract Home and many more job types for years. Below are some example installations we've completed for Open Cell Foam Insulation. Have a different installation application you'd like quoted? Give us a call!